Industrial Solutions

See how Space Monkey significantly improves their efficiency with 24/7 fully autonomous spatial technology including drones, docking stations, pods and advanced software.

Revolutionize Industrial Inspection

Risk Free for Inspection Workers

Utilities & Power

The power industry faces numerous challenges such as the aging infrastructure, complex and critical equipment, safety risks, maintenance cost, regulatory compliance and workforce shortages. Read More

Smart City & Public Safety

Smart City & Public Safety face several challenges, including the integration of diverse technologies and data sources, ensuring privacy and security, overcoming resource constraints, and fostering public trust. Read More

Emergency & Rescue

Emergency and rescue operations encounter unpredictable and hazardous environments, time-sensitive situations, coordination and communication among multiple agencies, limited resources, and varying degrees of accessibility to affected areas. Read More

Oil & Gas

Obstacles for the Oil & Gas industry are maintenance, security, and inspection. Ensuring the integrity of complex infrastructure requires constant monitoring, while addressing potential security threats is crucial to protect assets and personnel. Furthermore, conducting regular inspections in harsh environments or remote locations can be both costly and time-consuming. Read More

Renewable Energy

Sustainable energy faces challenges including intermittency, location-specific resource availability, aging infrastructure, and evolving technology. Balancing cost efficiency and environmental impact, while ensuring facility performance and longevity, calls for innovative solutions, continuous monitoring, and workforce adaptability. Read More

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