24/7 fully autonomous monitoring and inspection by innovative drones, ground robots and software. No need to learn how to fly a drone.


Discover a new era of low-altitude infrastructure with Space Monkey, the ultimate spatial technology solution that puts you in control. Designed for users of all skill levels, our intuitive platform enables you to complete various operations using just an iPad. Say goodbye to complex drone management and hello to the future of infrastructure.

Unleashing the Power of Spatial Technology

24/7 Autonomous Monitoring

Secure your property, assets, or survey vast areas effortlessly with our smart, automated four-dimension system with an iPad.

Auto 3D Mapping & Digital Twin Creation

Transform your surroundings into an interactive digital twin. Plan projects, analyze data, and make better-informed decisions.

No Drone Knowledge Required

Forget about learning drone controls or designing flight routes. With Space Monkey, advanced drone operations are as easy as using a smartphone app.

Why Choose Space Monkey?

Reduce Casualties: Workers no longer have to put themselves in danger to complete monitoring and inspection tasks.

Accessible for All: Space Monkey's user-friendly interface is designed for users of all skill levels, ensuring everyone can benefit from this new low-altitude infrastructure.

Save Time & Resources: Optimize your operations with our fully automated drone and ground robot management system, requiring minimal input from you.

Boost Efficiency: Seamlessly integrate Space Monkey solution into your workflow, reduce costs, and maintain the highest safety standards.

Stay Future-Proof: Keep ahead of the curve by embracing the latest advancements in drone technology and building a smarter, more sustainable future.

Enhance Decision-Making: Utilize high-quality, real-time data to make informed decisions and optimize your business processes.

Don't let the complexities of drone technology hold you back.

Choose Space Monkey and experience the future of infrastructure today.

Space Monkey Spatial Systems

Phoenix & Nest

The most powerful fully autonomous system from Space Monkey to provide comprehensive oversight of power plants, transmission lines, and pipelines, ensuring the reliable delivery of electricity, natural gas, and other vital energy sources. Read more.

IronTwin & IronBase

The world's first, 2 in 1 fully autonomous drone system with a long flight operation up to 66 minutes. It gives you twice of drone's ability, flexibility and availability for various tasks. Read more.

Elf & Sakura

The latest fully autonomous system from Space Monkey features a design to prioritize community well-being, assisting law enforcement and government agencies in safeguarding citizens from potential threats and suspicious activities. Read more.

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