Renewable Energy

Sustainable energy faces challenges including intermittency, location-specific resource availability, aging infrastructure, and evolving technology. Balancing cost efficiency and environmental impact, while ensuring facility performance and longevity, calls for innovative solutions, continuous monitoring, and workforce adaptability.


Space Monkey inspection services include rapid hot spot identification, damage detection, detection of dirt, foreign objects, obstruction, ash accumulation, and shadow conditions. We also inspect the conditions of supporting equipment such as junction boxes and micro meteorological stations. Additionally, we check the power generation situation of each photovoltaic panel, the number of photovoltaic components, and the angle of photovoltaic panels. Lastly, we assess the weed conditions to ensure optimal performance.


Space Monkey offers wind turbine component inspections to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your wind turbine. Our inspections cover all critical components, including blade cracks, holes, bulges, lightning strikes, and damage to coatings and root sealant.

In addition, we provide real-time monitoring of key components through the integration of intelligent wind turbine sensors into our platform. This allows for centralized control and self-awareness, self-diagnosis, and self-protection of your wind turbine. Trust Space Monkey to keep your wind turbine operating at peak performance.


Space Monkey detects abnormalities at key points of dams, including the dam top, inlet tower, and surfaces of the dam body. We've also identified issues with surface holes, central holes, the overflow channel, and water surfaces in the reservoir and river channels. To ensure the integrity of our customer's hydropower system, Space Monkey's 24/7 fully automatically spatial system conducts thorough inspections of the outlet platform slope, wall, and framework.

Space Monkey performs routine inspections to detect road auxiliary facilities, road potholes, foreign objects, illegal use of emergency lanes, and road traffic flow statistics, as well as emergency inspections for traffic facility damage.

Our devices can collect data on hazardous areas such as bridges, tunnels, slopes, and cliffs, allowing for safer and more efficient patrols by law enforcement personnel, particularly under extreme weather conditions.

Lastly, our technology enables 24/7 uninterrupted monitoring, with visible light pods for daytime surveillance and infrared or night vision pods for nighttime surveillance.

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