Space Monkey Spatial Systems

Phoenix & Nest

The most powerful fully autonomous system from Space Monkey to provide comprehensive oversight of power plants, transmission lines, and pipelines, ensuring the reliable delivery of electricity, natural gas, and other vital energy sources. Read more

Elf & Sakura

The latest fully autonomous system from Space Monkey features a design to prioritize community well-being, assisting law enforcement and government agencies in safeguarding citizens from potential threats and suspicious activities. Read more

IronTwin & IronBase

The world's first, 2 in 1 fully autonomous drone system with a long flight operation up to 66 minutes. It gives you twice of drone's ability, flexibility and availability for various tasks. Read more

Space Vision

Space Monkey integrates AI, drones, docking stations, IoT and other technologies to provide comprehensive services in various industries. Space Vision creates seamless and autonomous operation of the entire business process which enables you to "forget about drones" but simply focus on your needs. Read more

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