Oil & Gas Industry

Obstacles for the Oil & Gas industry are maintenance, security, and inspection. Ensuring the integrity of complex infrastructure requires constant monitoring, while addressing potential security threats is crucial to protect assets and personnel. Furthermore, conducting regular inspections in harsh environments or remote locations can be both costly and time-consuming.

To address challenges related to standardized and normalized inspections of long-distance oil pipelines, as well as the delays often associated with problem discovery, evidence collection, and settlement, SpaceMonkey is working to advance the digital construction of these pipelines.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as deep learning and semantic segmentation, we are shifting inspections from "fixing" to "prevention," enabling quick identification and resolution of issues before they become major problems. This approach will greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of oil pipeline inspections while reducing the potential for costly delays and downtime.

Space Monkey has developed a comprehensive system plan for a three-dimensional holographic IoT network in these scenarios. By utilizing "industrial drones + fully automated airports" as data collection carriers and integrating advanced technologies such as digital twins, AI, and IoT, we are creating a three-dimensional holographic IoT network for long-distance oil pipelines and oil and gas fields.

We support long oil pipelines with our continuous inspections that across tens and hundreds of kilometers and complete various tasks required while meeting the highest standard for industrial customers. Our systems can be installed in a remote area while communicate among devices and cloud. Suspicious vehicles, individuals and/or activities will be captured automatically to secure facilities.

Specifically, Space Monkey's visible light and infrared pods can automatically switch during nighttime to provide real-time monitoring and alert authorities to any malicious behavior such as vandalism, mining, and theft. Our advanced algorithmic models enable our system to intelligently identify and assess pipeline issues such as ring welds, ruptures, deformations, corrosion, and leaks, providing early warning alerts.

Our drones, equipped with LiDAR Eye Pod, can create localized models of geological hazard zones to enable early warning. In densely populated areas and linear construction zones, our system can identify man-made and vehicular obstructions, material storage, and provide construction warnings and monitoring.

Lastly, using "point cloud" data on Space Vision performs real-time monitoring of pipeline depths and analyzes changes in surface elevation.

Our goal is to complete the construction of an unattended inspection work mode in the oil and gas pipeline network, enabling staff to control the overall situation from indoors. This approach will greatly improve the efficiency and safety of oil and gas pipeline management while reducing the need for on-site personnel.

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