Utilities & Power Industry

The power industry faces numerous challenges such as the aging infrastructure, complex and critical equipment, safety risks, maintenance cost, regulatory compliance and workforce shortages. As experts in the power industry, we recognize the importance of a well-designed power grid structure for the safe and stable operation of the power system.

Space Monkey Spatial System has 200,000+ flight hours with 2 million km flight distance in the past three years. On top of that, we have done inspections for 100,000 km long power lines every week.
In order to have such resilient, safe and continuous inspection, we need to establish our new infrastructure for the Power industry.

As the 1st layer, Space Monkey constructs and periodically updates a three-dimensional digital model of the power grid, including the full range of scenarios. This innovative technology utilizes point cloud modeling to autonomously segment and classify power towers, fixtures, and lines, with color-coded labeling based on voltage level.

For the 2nd layer, we install our drones and airports as the "New Infrastructure" to serve the continuous inspection to collect timely data. Next, the customer can visualize collected data and analyze them on Space Vision, our all-in-one control and management system.

In the 3rd layer, we aggregate IoT including 3rd party's data and implement edge-computing into the power plant and grid to complete the real-time, continuous digital transformation that solve current challenges for the power industry.

Finally, all data are uploaded to the cloud where it processes and analyzes the data collected from prescheduled or irregular monitoring and patrol to automatically create reports for managers and leaderships to make an evidence-based decision making and evaluation. This semi-automatic self-iteration becomes the key to the power industry to improve their safety, security, ROI and more to keep them competitive and sustainable.

With Ai and Omni-Directional Perception, customers don't need to design a complex route or manipulate a drone. Simply assigning an area to our drone to have a map with precise 3D modeling.

By deploying relevant point cloud and oblique photogrammetry modeling algorithms and software on the edge servers of fully automated airports, the 3D digital maps can be autonomously constructed locally.

Ground robots placed within substations can use 3D SLAM real-time mapping technology to model the substations, with a mapping accuracy of ±1cm.

The drone is equipped with AI-driven cable awareness function for enhanced safety and security during flights.

The following images are taken automatically by Space Monkey's drones, processed with our advanced AI and displayed on Space Vision so there's no manual work involved to create such report in every details.
Managers and leaderships are now free to spend time on more important work, instead of struggling with repetitive work.

Drones can be equipped with laser ranging equipment to measure the depth of the excavation and conduct inspections on construction facilities (such as fences and striped cloth) around the excavation.

Tower Assembly

Drones equipped with visible light equipment can conduct inspections on pole clamps, personnel climbing towers, and safety helmets.

Wire Installation

Drones equipped with visible light equipment can inspect wire installation and the installation of equipment and fixtures along the wire.


Drones equipped with visible light equipment can inspect the installation of equipment and fixtures on the towers and along the lines.

Additionally, Space Monkey can help construction of power plants as well. We recommend adopting advanced digital and intelligent equipment to enhance construction process management, reduce safety risks, and improve efficiency, particularly in areas with harsh terrain conditions. By leveraging technological advancements, we can achieve better safety control, more efficient project management, and higher-quality construction outcomes.

By utilizing a three-dimensional digital model at each stage, we can develop corresponding unmanned autonomous inspection routes to provide inspection support for safe construction and monitoring throughout the entire project. The following are examples of inspections at each stage:

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