About Space Monkey

Space Monkey is a leading provider of cutting-edge 24/7 fully autonomous, AI driven monitoring and visualization technology, leveraging a range of innovative devices both in the sky and on the ground. Our advanced solutions enable real-time data collection, analysis, and visualization, empowering clients across a range of industries to make informed decisions and achieve operational excellence.

By combining high-resolution aerial and terrestrial imagery with advanced analytics, Space Monkey enables clients to gain valuable insights into their operations and make data-driven decisions. From environmental monitoring and asset management to urban planning and disaster response, our solutions provide an unparalleled level of detail and accuracy, helping clients optimize their resources, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, access to real-time, accurate data is essential to success. With Space Monkey's monitoring and visualization technology, clients can stay ahead of the curve, identify trends and patterns, and respond quickly and effectively to changing circumstances. Our solutions are revolutionizing the way businesses operate, delivering unprecedented levels of efficiency, agility, and innovation.

Space Monkey is headquartered in Singapore but boasts a global operational footprint. With strategic branch offices located in Japan, Abu Dhabi, Germany, and Indonesia, we are well-positioned to serve a diverse and international clients.

We are continually ramping up our investment in Research & Development capabilities as well as Customer Success teams. Our goal is to set the industry standard for customer satisfaction, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

Furthermore, the Space Monkey ecosystem is on an upward trajectory, thanks to our growing collaborations with local partners and distributors. These alliances enable us to gather invaluable feedback and insights into customer needs, allowing us to tailor our offerings more effectively.