Smart City & Public Safety

To address the challenges posed by urban growth, including increasing population in cities, infrastructure demands, and public events, Space Monkey is committed to leveraging intelligent manufacturing to drive the living in smart cities.

By utilizing Space Monkey's fully autonomous UAV inspection system as the foundation and integrating key technologies such as digital twin, IoT, 5G, and AI, we provide an automated inspection for improving the quality and efficiency of city management.

SpaceMonkey enables cities to easily operate regular and irregular inspection and monitoring missions for oil, gas pipelines, power station and cables, construction sites, lakes and rivers, ports and roads, parks and public utilities and more.

One example in transportation, Space Monkey provides comprehensive solutions for effective surveillance and monitoring of highways and their surrounding areas. By utilizing a coordinated approach between drones and ground probes, we can effectively reduce blind spots during ground camera surveillance, improving high-speed surveillance coverage.

We provides high-altitude, fixed-point monitoring of critical highway sections, enabling 24/7 monitoring of ground personnel and vehicles. Our drones equipped with loudspeaker pods can provide quick and intuitive analysis of the causes of traffic accidents from an aerial perspective, allowing for remote and accurate command and deployment by traffic management departments, thereby improving law enforcement efficiency.

This approach greatly supports cities to quickly and intelligently respond to various needs and issue, including those related to people's livelihoods, the environment, public safety, urban services, and commercial activities. Ultimately, our goal is to support cities to create a more vibrant and fulfilling urban environment for all.

Space Monkey performs routine inspections to detect road auxiliary facilities, road potholes, foreign objects, illegal use of emergency lanes, and road traffic flow statistics, as well as emergency inspections for traffic facility damage.

Our devices can collect data on hazardous areas such as bridges, tunnels, slopes, and cliffs, allowing for safer and more efficient patrols by law enforcement personnel, particularly under extreme weather conditions.

Lastly, our technology enables 24/7 uninterrupted monitoring, with visible light pods for daytime surveillance and infrared or night vision pods for nighttime surveillance.

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