Space Vision

The sole purpose of Space Vision is to let customers "forget about drones" but simply focus on their needs. Space Monkey integrates AI, drones, docking stations, IoT and other technologies to provide comprehensive services in various industries.

Space Vision is an intelligent four-dimensional integrated control system based on ultra-low altitude space and terrestrial multi-element information and grid-based three-dimensional command and dispatch. It combines real-world and point cloud models with business scenarios, and time series to effectively construct a four-dimensional digital twin world.

Space Vision achieves digitalization of real-world surface features, connecting smart devices on the ground and in the air, allowing the physical and digital world to integrate and coexist, providing comprehensive services for fields such as electric power, petrochemical, emergency safety, smart cities, environmental protection, transportation, land resources, and mining.

Space Vision integrates AI, industrial drones, fully automatic docking stations, physical networks, multi-element sensors, and other devices and technologies.

Space Vision provides standardized data input/output and processing interfaces to industry customers and partners to create an industry application ecosystem supported by its access to IoT devices, as a basic infrastructure data entry.

Through different task modes, Space Vision can receive visible light, infrared, video, laser, gas, IoT, and other data from the air and ground, perform AI synchronous recognition and detection, automatically generate analysis reports, provide decision-making assistance, and all business information will be precipitated into three-dimensional real-world models according to the time series.

Space Vision operation is simple, concise, and clear, allowing users to quickly and agilely use it in a "self-guided" manner. The main functions are achieved with a "one-key" operation, realizing the autonomous operation and intelligent error correction of the entire business process. The "one-key" can achieve the whole process autonomy of business from taking off self-check, weather judgment, changing batteries and hanging cabins, taking off, executing route tasks, real-time video, AI recognition to analysis report generation, and also achieves the "one-key" closed-loop from data collection, data transmission, data storage to data analysis.

With "one-key" operation by Space Vision, customers can focus on fulfilling their needs without worrying about drone management.

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