The world's first, 2 in 1 fully autonomous drone system with a long flight operation up to 61 minutes. It gives you twice of drone's ability, flexibility and availability for various tasks.

IronTwin boasts an 850mm wheelbase and weighs a mere 6.3kg, including the battery. Its maximum battery life of 61 minutes ensures extended flight time, while its standard operational distance reaches 12km and can be extended up to 16km. Equipped with RTK (Real-time Kinematic ) for precise navigation and a hover accuracy of ±0.1m in both horizontal and vertical axes, IronTwin guarantees stable and accurate flights.

Advanced communication capabilities, including 4G/5G support and image transmission, facilitate seamless remote operation. IronTwin is designed to withstand challenging weather conditions, featuring 6th-grade Beaufort scale wind resistance, IP55 Ingress Protection, and Class A electromagnetic compatibility.

IronTwin is equipped with AI-driven obstacle avoidance, cable awareness, and an optional 3rd party UAV defense function for enhanced safety and security during flights.

The edge AI computing capabilities enable precise filming and targeting, further elevating the IronTwin's performance. The drone supports a range of Eye Pods, including a full frame high-definition camera, optical zoom for versatile filming and photography, infrared for temperature measurement, real-time speaker for remote communication, and LiDAR scanning for point cloud generation and accurate mapping.


It measures 1.6x1.6x2.0m and weighs 1500kg, making it a robust and stable solution for continuous operation and maintenance. Operating on a 220V input voltage, the IronBase is specifically designed to accommodate the IronTwin, ensuring seamless integration with your aerial operations.

Boasting Class A electromagnetic compatibility and IP55 Ingress Protection, the IronBase guarantees safe and reliable performance under various conditions. With a working temperature range of -20℃ to 65℃, the IronBase is built to function effectively in diverse climates.

The IronBase supports optional SBAS for improved positioning accuracy and features an integrated weather station providing real-time meteorological data. A security camera is integrated into the IronBase, ensuring the monitoring and protection of the docking area.

IronBase is world's first "2 drones in 1 airport" system, providing exceptional flexibility and efficiency for your professional aerial operations.
Choose the IronTwin and IronBase for a reliable, efficient, and sophisticated aerial solution.

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